Musiculture alongside the equator

Fusion has always been a principle of artistic practice in traditional arts and music throughout the centuries. The blending of cultures caused by economical trade, cultural exchange and political conquests brought melodies and rhythms from africa to europe, from europe to america, from asia to middle east and so on. Berlin in the Golden 20s was a center of musical production and creativity. Bigband Orchestras mixed dance rhythms like cuban rumba with swing and other jazz styles to bring new pleasures to the ballroom dance floors of that era.

Since the early 2000s DJs and Producers of a new generation have reinforced a global electronic bass sound that speaks a multicultural language. Original music mainly from Africa/ South- and Middleamercia/the Caribean is used to create a fusion of tropical roots and folclorique music with up to date electronic styles such as Dubstep, House, Miami Bass a.o. The outcome is a thrilling digital sound that is filled up with raw musical spices, heavy percussive beats and multilingual vocals. A melt generated out of current electronica fused with traditional polyrhythmic patterns. Voices refering to the tropical regions of the globe are mixed, sampled and transformed into a energetic uplifting hybrid electronic bass music - We call it Tropicfusion.

Tropical Bass and Global Bass are umbrella terms including current hybrid electronic styles such as Cumbia Digital, Moombahton, Afrohouse, Shangaan, Tribal, Latin Twerk, Trap, Kuduro, Coupe Decale, Azonto, Dancehall, Baile Funk, Bossa Break Beat a.o.

Global Bass - A new era of dancemusic

The so called Global Bass is a worldwide thing including a productive global DJ culture ranging from Europa to the US, from Westafrica to India and even Asia. Although still underground this electro organic fusion is gaining more attention while conquering international clubdancefloors step by step. The artistic concept speaks to a new urban multiethnical community that is embracing a global cultural diversity and appreciating their local roots and musicculture like never before in the digital age and inspires and urban artists from different ethnic diasporas also to become new musical creators. Today urban music is a statement and essence of a lifestyle that consists of this diversity nourished by the vision of seeking common spiritual consciousness, recharging life energy and emotional relief through music.

Renaissance of a Retro Dance Sound

Vintage african, caribean and latin popmusic from the 60/70s like Cumbia, Soukous, Champeta or Afrobeat also echoed again in todays cooking urban music and art scenes of metropoles such as London, Paris, Buenos Aires, Bogota, New York and Berlin. This renaissance of a Retro Dance Sound that also emerged in the 90s with the acid jazz wave is again and still filling clubfloors all around the globe bringing back the swing and joy of homemade music with heart & soul.

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YAAM, Berlin 2013
YAAM, Berlin 2013
Booking for Live Music Professionals
Booking for Live Music Professionals


Radio Groovalizacion, Dublin
Radio Groovalizacion, Dublin