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IN BERLIN. 16. | 17. | 18. Jan 2015 Save the date! unlimited rhythms, excellent musicians, Drumcirles & more The Best of the Berlin percussion scene for 3 days under one roof!


At Werkstatt der Kulturen Berlin




a techno sound ritual and interactive experimental electro acoustic jamsession with musicians & audience developed by Gad Baruch Hinkis (Dirty Honkers).digital toys and live physical action. Aftershow with DJ. New performance, dec 14 at "Treptopolis", Berlin-Treptow
What if we could go to a party and directly effect the music?
Polyjam event sets itself the challenge to create a space in which audience and performers slowly transform into one organism. With the help of interactive digital toys, neo-traditional crafts, performances and tribal electro music, arises a mixed-media jam. Polyrhythm is the simultaneous use of two or more conflicting rhythms, that are not readily perceived as deriving from one another, or as simple manifestations of the same meter.



New in Berlin: BLACKBOX



DOOR OPENS: 11PM, E: 3-5 eur

▼ A direct extension of SAVVY’s global outlook of contemporary art

and culture, BLACKBOX celebrates music of the subaltern, of groups

who are socially, politically, and geographically outside of hegemonic

power structure; focusing on modern electronic bass and club music

and traditional rhythms of Africa, South America, and Asia; fragmenting

and dispersing an outdated Eurocentric “cultural center” of the world

to encompass the entire globe.

Fr, 1. Nov 23:00. Cosmic Kaspar

Brunnenstr. 197-198 / Torstr. 125


▼Dj Zhao (Ngomasound / Berlin) 

Infinite Livez (Ninjatune, Exotic Pylon / London/Berlin)


VoodooTek brings rough with the smooth

Cosmic vibes and mystical groove Tasty

like chocolate, trippy like shrooms

Unstoppable bass, beats and BOOM!

Repúblika Bananera
@Mezcaleria Lupita,
BERLIN 12.10.13, Doors: 23h
Special Guests:
Panik Disco
(Tropical Bass and Trap from Stockholm),
Don Diego
(Tropeninstitut HH/ Salsa Dura y Rumba Buena en Vinilo)
Don Chicharrón y Obstsalat


AFROFUNK SPECIAL, 4 October 2013 @ Badehaus Musiksalon | Berlin

Tropicfusion Musiculture, 030 & Kultmucke present

  *AFROSUSA [Gambia-Spain]
+ DJ's Bestmate? and The Soulvendor
Friday, 04.10.13, 23:00 @ Badehaus Szimpla Musiksalon | Berlin

Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers (live)
Afrosusa (live)
Abdoulie Sanu and Friends
Feinste Afrofunk, Highlife, Merengue und Afrobeat
Web links
Presale at Koka36

Supported by:
Tropicfusion Musiculture
 - We are drawing 3x1 Ticket for the event.
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Mexican Institute Of Sound (Chusma Records/MX) *live, 29.6. GRETCHEN, Berlin*

Cumbia Grooves und mexikanische Mariachi-Trompeten treffen auf dunkle Basslines und explosive Beats: Das Mexican Institute of Sound (M.I.S.)!

+ Special Guest:
DJ Eulenhaupt (Raumstation Lärz)
Local Support:
La Chusma Crew [ DJ Obstsalat, DJ Hugo Trece, Mr. Zap & EX-Tio Chango]
Doors: 20.00 | Show: 21.00
8€ presale, 12€ cash at night

Presale: Koka 36

Der Titel des neuen Albums «Politico» (übersetzt: «Politisch»), könnte den Nerv der Zeit in Mexiko kaum besser treffen. Seit einigen Jahren wird das 112 Millionen Einwohner zählende Land von einem grenzenlosen Drogenkrieg überschattet. Korruption und Verwicklungen von Seiten des Staates stehen an der Tagesordnung. Die Veröffentlichung des Albums in Mexiko fällt genau in den politisch umstrittenen Wahlkampf inmitten des Drogenkriegs.



23rd June – 21nd July 2013, Radioeins, rbb radio live: Five musical summer sundays all about SOUL! Location: YAAM, Berlin.
Time: 19-21pm
"Radioeins vom Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb) ist auch in diesem Jahr Radiopartner für den „ARTE Summer of Soul“. Fünf „Sommersonntage“ lang sendet Radioeins immer von 9.00 bis 21.00 Uhr Soul und Black Music in allen Facetten."

Tropicfusion supports featuring Artists: Ange da Costa (30.6.), Stanley Rubyn (14.7.), Odara Sol (21.7.).

Since The Devil Is Gone I Mostly Feel Lonely presents:



*ZEA (The Ex) 

Thursday, 13.06.13, 20:00 @ Festsaal Kreuzberg | Berlin



Jeri-Jeri is the spectacular collaboration between the renowned Berlin-based producer Mark Ernestus and a griot clan of Sabar drummers from Kaolack in Senegal, led by Bakane Seck, along with guest Mbalax musicians and vocalists - including many mainstays of the bands of Baaba Maal, Youssou N'Dour and other top Senegalese artists.

World music aficionados will have noted Ernestus' remixes of Afrobeat architect Tony Allen and Kinshasa rockers Konono No. 1, and his co-compilation (with Honest Jon's) of the critically acclaimed Shangaan Electro showcase. On the quiet, though, he has become increasingly hooked on Mbalax, with its hyper-vivid Sabar and talking-drum work-outs, and sick, sequencer-like marimba synths. In early 2011 he travelled to Senegal and the Gambia, in search of original recordings. Through an unlikely set of coincidences, he ended up working in the legendary Dakar studio formerly known as Xippi, with more than twenty of the finest musicians in the country. The results will be released in 2012 and 2013 and proliferate in a series of unmissable live performances throughout Europe.

Jeri-Jeri's style of Mbalax is swingingly masterful - heady and hard-grooving, with highly complex, fiercely succinct poly-rhythms - an ancient-futuristic music, mesmeric but sharp as nails, super-charged with drama. Sabar traditions are fused with furious Afro-Cubanismo, hard funk-rock, and shards of high-life. Get ready to be knocked out!


Web links

Festsaal Kreuzberg


Supported by:
Tropicfusion Musiculture
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LUSOTRONICS Festival, 18-19 May 2013 @ Club Gretchen | Berlin

Daniel Haaksman presents:



Saturday (starts 23:00) & Sunday (starts 16:00), 18.05-19.05.13 @ Club Gretchen | Berlin


The two day festival “Lusotronics“ at Berlin´s “Gretchen“ club is dedicated to the digital, urban music lifestyles of the four main countries of the Portugese speaking world: Angola, Brasil, Mozambique and Portugal. “Luso“ is the shortening of “lusophonic“, the term for Portugese speaking culture (analogous to “frankophonic“, the term for the French speaking world). The digitally produced music genres that are currently emerging from these countries are part of a positive form of globalization, and represent some of the most promising and future oriented innovations in worldwide pop and dance culture.

The musical program will be complemented by the presentation of various documentary films and lectures which will give a deeper insight in local music styles of the lusophonic world and their hybrid electronic music styles. The festival will thus deal with the main issues, relations and dynamics of colonial history and post-colonialism, regionalism and globalisation, sampling and citation, copyright and creation, internet culture, as well as gender and identity constructions in the digital age.


Web links
Festival website and full line-up 

Man Recordings
Club Gretchen


Supported by:
Tropicfusion Musiculture
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EBO TAYLOR live, 17 May 2013 @ Lovelite | Berlin

Freakfunk and Tropicfusion present:



*Appia Kwa Bridge Tour 2013*
+ Freakfunk after show party: LeBob [Beatrevolution]* Quendolin Fender [Freakfunk]* Bestmate? [Tropical Timewarp]* The Soulvendor [Tropical Timewarp]* 

Friday, 17.05.13, 21:00, Lovelite | Berlin

“I wanted to go back to a highlife feeling with this album,” explains Ebo Taylor. “The songs are very personal and it is an important part of my music to keep alive many traditional Fante songs, war chants and children’s rhymes.”

The album features a number of special guests within the credits including incomparable drummer Tony Allen, original Africa 70 guitarist Oghene Kologbo and conga maestro Addo Nettey a.k.a. Pax Nicholas. Representing the younger players, keyboard genius Kwame Yeboah, son of Ghanaian legend S.K. Yeboah, makes full use of Lovelite’s famed collection of Farfisa and Wurlitzer organs.

Ebo Taylor’s ‘Appia Kwa Bridge’ is released on Strut as a 1CD, 2LP and digitally on 17th April 2012.

For live video click here
For event web-link click here.

Supported by:
Tropicfusion Musiculture
 - We are drawing 3x1 Ticket for the concert. Check out our fb-page! 

Afro Carnival Xplosion, 17 May 2013 @ Festsaal Kreuzberg | Berlin

AFRO HEAT presents:

Friday, 17.05.13, 22:00 @ Festsaal Kreuzberg | Berlin



- Dance Performance by Marie (Kuduro), Rebelle (Azonto), Trisha (Dancehall) and Lorna (Coupé Décalé & Ndombolo)
- Outdoor Area to relax and chill
- African BBQ by Chopbar Catering

Come and celebrate modern African music and culture and enjoy the very best in afrobeats, azonto, kuduro, coupé décalé, dancehall and hip hop. Dance all night to the best tunes or step into the open air area where you can get some fresh air, relax and taste some of the finest African BBQs.

Afro Heat
Afro Carnival Xplosion Event


Supported by:
Tropicfusion Musiculture
 - We are drawing 3x1 Ticket for the party. Check out our fb-page! 

KONONO Nº1 live, 11 Apr 2013 @ Festsaal Kreuzberg | Berlin

Since The Devil Is Gone I Mostly Feel Lonely presents:

KONONO Nº1  (Congo/Crammed Discs) *

SINKANE (US/City Slang) 
SPECIAL NO.1 Dj Team: J-Du and Jimmy Trash

Thursday 11.04.13, 20:00 @ Festsaal Kreuzberg | berlin 

Konono N°1's "Congotronics" album introduced the world to the strange and spectacular electro-traditional mixtures which are being concocted in the suburbs of Kinshasa, Congo. World music, electronica and avant-rock aficionados have all been equally amazed by this otherworldly music, which has driven the international press to come up with some surprising comparisons (from Can and Krautrock to Jimi Hendrix, Lee Perry and proto-techno!...).


The band was founded back in the 1960s by Mingiedi, a virtuoso of the likembé (a traditional instrument sometimes called "sanza" or "thumb piano", consisting of metal rods attached to a resonator). The band's line-up includes three electric likembés (bass, medium and treble), equipped with hand-made microphones built from magnets salvaged from old car parts, and plugged into amplifiers. There's also a rhythm section which uses traditional as well as makeshift percussion (pans, pots and car parts), three singers, three dancers and a sound system featuring these famous megaphones.


The musicians come from an area which sits right across the border between Congo and Angola. Their repertoire draws largely on Bazombo trance music, but they've had to incorporate the originally-unwanted distorsions of their sound system. This has made them develop a unique style which, from a sonic viewpoint, has accidentally connected them with the aesthetics of the most experimental forms of rock and electronic music, as much through their sounds than through their sheer volume (they play in front of a wall of speakers) and their merciless grooves.


Konono N°1's debut album was the inaugural release in Crammed's Congotronics series, which is devoted to the exciting electro/traditional musical hybrids from the Congo.


Crammed Discs

Event link
Festsaal Kreuzberg

Supported by:
Tropicfusion Musiculture
 - We are drawing 2x1 Ticket for the concert. Check out our fb-page! 

DRUM feat. NGOMA Sound, 30 Mar 2013 @ Gretchen | Berlin

NGOMA Soundsystem
Sat 30.03.13, 1:00 
GRETCHEN (box2) | berlin



DJ Nomad (Vulkandance/Berlin) 
DJ Zhao (Ngoma/Beijing) 
Marcel, percussion (Tropicfusion
Tamara and her dancing monkeys
+ surprise special guest

Rhythm and Bass at the intersection of electro culture and timeless tradition. DRUM brings the sweetest beats and sickest flows to Berlin, in the 2nd room of beautiful Club Gretchen.

APPETITE: QUANTIC, 08 Mar 2013 @ Gretchen | Berlin

Fri 08.03.13, 23:30 
GRETCHEN (box1) | berlin


Quantic (Tru Thoughts/UK)
Delfonic (Oye Records/D)
La Chusma Crew (D)
Marc Hype (MPM/D)

QUANTIC: 100 Prozent Funk, Soul und Jazz.

Quantic ist der Künstlername des gebürtigen Briten Will Holland, der sich seit gut zehn Jahren mit dem Quantic Soul Orchestra um eine modernisierte Wiederbelebung des Souls der 60er und 70er verdient gemacht hat, aber auch Jazz und Latin in seine musikalischen Exkursionen mit einbezieht. Während er früher noch als Gitarrist in diversen Rockbands spielte, verliebte er sich später insbesondere in Broken Beats und House und wurde im Laufe der Jahre zu einem begehrten Remixer. Im Jahre 2001 entsteht sein Debütalbum „The Fifth Exotic“, das einst auch Richard Dorfmeister als eines der besten Alben betitelte, die er seit langem hören durfte. Nicht einmal ein Jahr später erscheint sein zweites Album „Apricot Morning“, was u.a. erstmals von Alice Russell gesanglich unterstützt wird. 2003 gründet er das sechsköpfige Quantic Soul Orchestra, in dem er selbst Bass, Gitarre und Percussions spielt.

Parallel dazu entwickelt er zusammen mit dem Sänger Russ Porter das Projekt The Limp Twins - mit Sounds zwischen Funk, Soul und Folk. Inzwischen sprechen fünf Soloalben, zwei Alben mit dem Quantic Soul Orchestra, eine Platte mit den Limp Twins, zwei Scheiben mit dem Flowering Inferno, diverse Kollaborationen (u.a. mit Sharon Jones) sowie unzählige Remixe eine deutliche Sprache.

Außerdem hat Quantic mit „Magnetic Fields“ ein eigenes Label gegründet, das sich dem Heavy Soul und Deep Funk verschrieben hat. Seit 2007 lebt er in der Salsa-Hauptstadt Cali in Kolumbien. Nach dem Album „Tradition in Transition” mit seiner Latin-Funk-Band Combo Bárbaro im Jahre 2009 veröffentlichte er im April 2012 mit der britischen Soul-Sängerin Alice Russell, die auch schon zuvor auf seinen Alben zu hören war, die mitreißende Platte „Look Around The Corner“. Zusammen mit Delfonic, der La Chusma Crew und Marc Hype dürfen wir heute Nacht gespannt sein, auf wie viele unterschiedliche Styles man eigentlich tanzen kann.


Label Tru Thoughts

Text: Roland Grieshammer

STRUT LABEL NICHT, 23 Feb 2013 @ Gretchen | Berlin


Sat 23.02.13, 23:30

@ GRETCHEN (box2) | berlin


For its first session in Gretchen, Strut invited Richard Sen (Padded Cell) for the second floor. Strut Records released last year, the highly acclaimed compilation "This is not chicago", that merge songs from the early days of acid house from the UK. The compilation includes British productions of the late 80s and early 90s, the sound of Chicago newly interpreted in their own way. Richard "Bronx Dogs" Sen will present a classic of this influential era of the UK rave scene that evening. (We are.../De:Bug) will expand the sounds of this night along the rest of the Strut universe from Afro, to Disco and Latin.


For review on the compilation click on "This ain't Chicago"

FORRÓ DE REBECA live, 23 Feb 2013 @ Dança Frevo | Berlin

  Forró de Rebeca - New album "Na Roda"
Forró de Rebeca - New album "Na Roda"


New album "Na Roda" release party! 

presented by BEM BRASIL!



Sat 23.02.13, 22:00

@ Dança Frevo | berlin


We are drawing 1 Ticket for the concert.

More info on our Fb page.


Established in 2008 in Lyon, Forró de Rebeca is a Franco-Brazilian trio that connects Brazilian culture and its legendary metissage with the rest of the world. The members of this group belong to this generation of musicians, who draw on living traditions to emerge as a strong personal style.


Transposing the rural atmosphere of Brazilian dances into the cosmopolitan universe of European capitals, the group is quickly noticed for its charisma on stage. More than 150 concerts will follow in France, some of them in prestigious venues such as Amphi Opera de Lyon and the Ancient Theatre of Vienne. Meanwhile, the group has enlarged its horizons collaborating with various artists.

The release of "NA RODA" features some distinguished guests such as Sir Jean, singer of Peuple de l'Herbe, or the indefatigable globetrotter DJ TUDO. 


For video click here "Despedida" 

For artist's myspace visit Fórro de Rebeca

WATCHA CLAN live, 21 Feb 2013 @ Lido | Berlin


WATCHA CLAN *radio Babel Tour 2013*
presented by Piranha Musik

LIVE IN BERLIN 21.02.2013, 20:00, Lido 
We are drawing 4x1 Ticket for the concert. More info on our Fb page.
"Watcha Clan is one of the most innovative music collectives for globally inspired grooves, always exploring new sounds. Their Tour starts on the 14th of February, playing in Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Kassel, Koblenz Hamburg, Leipzig, Zürich and in our hometown Berlin! See you there!"
Check out the new digital release Remixes ep#2 by !K7 feat. Dr Cat / Dr Das / DJ Delay / Kosta Kostov / Maga Bo / Shazalakazoo 

Click here for more Tour Dates. 


EBO TAYLOR live, 19 Feb 2013 @ Lido | Berlin



*Appia Kwa Bridge Tour 2013*
presented by Lido

19.02.13, 20:00, Lido 
We are drawing 4x1 Ticket for the concert. More info on our Fb page.

“I wanted to go back to a highlife feeling with this album,” explains Ebo Taylor. “The songs are very personal and it is an important part of my music to keep alive many traditional Fante songs, war chants and children’s rhymes.”

The album features a number of special guests within the credits including incomparable drummer Tony Allen, original Africa 70 guitarist Oghene Kologbo and conga maestro Addo Nettey a.k.a. Pax Nicholas. Representing the younger players, keyboard genius Kwame Yeboah, son of Ghanaian legend S.K. Yeboah, makes full use of Lovelite’s famed collection of Farfisa and Wurlitzer organs.

Ebo Taylor’s ‘Appia Kwa Bridge’ is released on Strut as a 1CD, 2LP and digitally on 17th April 2012.

For live video click here
For audio click here  


Funkhaus Europa "BIG UP" feat. CRIOLO (São Paulo, Brazil) > Sa,17.11., 21Uhr @Gretchen | Berlin | Germany

CRIOLO live (São Paulo, Brasilien) >Erstes und einziges Konzert in Deutschland!<
DJs: La Chusma Crew, Global Player DJ-Team, Daferwa, Benjamin L
ebrave (Akwaabamusic), Daniel Haaksmann u.a.

SA 17.11.2012 @ Club Gretchen, Obentrautstraße 19-21, Berlin
Doors: 21:00 Beginn 22:00 | Eintritt: 8 EUR
VVK an allen CTS-Stellen,bei und



JAGWA MUSIC live! 26 Oct 2012 (Tansania, Crammed Discs) @ Club "Ritter Butzke" | Berlin

Street-Trance-Afropunk "A wildly syncopated rhythm section in sickly exorbitant high-speed interaction"

Support: SCHNEIDER TM feat. Tomoko Nakasato & Mek Obaam, Balafon & Percussion & Dance Improvisation.

NGOMA SOUNDSYSTEM @ FUSION FESTIVAL 2012 / Futuristic Tribal Tec and Tropical Elektro

Video production is in the making. current info

21th CENTURY AFROGLOBALISM - Get the vibe of DJ Ntone Edjabe (PanAfrican Space Station/ZA), Wed 6.06.12, 11pm @ Gretchen | Berlin


Mo, June 4. Ange da Costa @HBC

Tues, June 5. Rachelle Jeanty @CHB

Wed, June 6. Ntone Edjabe @Gretchen


AFRO FUNK >^< ETHIO JAZZ. Get your Dose of Deep Grooves Woima Collective (Berlin) - live concert. Sat May 12 @Lovelite | Berlin | Germany

La Chusma Records, Berlin

Big up LaChusma Crew for their development, passion and impact on the tropical music scene in Berlin over the years - "Penetrating beats, clinging bass lines, funky grooves: La Chusma, “the riffraff”, is more than just an urban sound crew. They issue the ticket for the Transglobal Underground Express, which rides through the parties of the banlieues, townships and barrios populares. Tropical rebel dynamite sounds which blow up borders as well as bourgeois migration clichés."

MC Diamondog/Berlin-Angola. HipHop Kuduro

Nomadic Wax Records

New track from MC Diamondog (Berlin/Angola)

Mixtape “Nomadic Wax” Say Word --Promo Track out now--


Planet Myousic

We deeply appreciate the crosscultural global campaign

"The distances which once existed between continents, countries &

cultures is disappearing. Join "Emerging Face of a Nationless World" campaign to connect communities, worldwide."


DJ Zhao/NGOMA SOUND feat. CHIEF BOIMA (NY) live. Wed, 22.Feb @ Soju bar | Berlin | Ger

  Wed, 22nd Feb., dj zhao/NGOMA SOUND live @soju bar, Berlin.

> 3min. U1-Görlitzer Bhf./Kreuzberg. We welcome a super dope guest straight from NYC, an Afro-Futurist with his feet firmly planted in timeless rhythm roots - CHIEF BOIMA.

CHIEF BOIMA [dutty arts/nyc]
DJ ZHAO [ngoma/berlin]
MARCEL - percussion [Tropicfusion/berlin]
NGOMA SOUND bridges fictional dichotomies such as "east" and "west", acoustic and electronic. Featuring live percussion & international Guests. Check out mixes & show your dancestyle.

NGOMA SOUNDSYSTEM/DJ zhao at CTM electronic music festival 2011/Berlin

Ngoma Soundsystem (DJ zhao+live musicians) Sa., 10.9., starts 21pm at Monarch Club, U-Kottbussertor. THE ICAS SUITE Networking Tomorrow's Art for an Unknown Future A project by CTM within the 2nd Berlin Music Week /// 7. – 10. September 2011. Festsaal Kreuzberg, Monarch, Palomabar, West Germany, Blumenbar.

 "With DJ Zhao, Secousse Sound System (aka Etienne Tron of Radioclit) and Jess & Crabbe, the French Festival Les Siestes Electroniques bring to the ICAS SUITE a mixed bag of DJs and producer teams who have devoted many years of their time to fostering club-musical dialogue between Africa and Europa. That Africa is not only an essential source of inspiration for contemporary dance music, but also the cradle of exciting new music like shangaan electro, kuduro, kwaito or african house needs no further explanation"(program)


CTM co-founded the network ICAS – International Cities of Advanced Sound. In total, 30 organisations and festivals on 5 continents joined forces to (co-)create projects and foster discourse, and thereby promote artistic development at the interface of music, art, technology and society. Following the small but splendid ICAS KITCHEN, which cooked up the goods during CTM.11 for several days in the Palomabar, CTM is preparing to cater for a wide array of tastes and foreign tongues during the second Berlin Music Week (7. – 10. September)



see also

DJINGOBHA les rythmes tropical! Sat.,5.Nov 11 @Bohnengold/Kreuzberg
DJINGOBHA les rythmes tropical! Sat.,5.Nov 11 @Bohnengold/Kreuzberg

with DJ zhao
 & Guests
Live-Percussion/Marcel (Tropicfusion)
urban electro tropic fusion sounds to dance n let loose!
A NEW GLOBAL FUSION SOUND EXPERIENCE with Kwaito / Neo Cumbia / Hiplife / Bhangra / Rai / Arabic Beats / Zulu-Elektro / Soukous / Coupé Décalé / Afro-House / Dancehall / Baile Funk / Kuduro / Tropical Electro / Dubstep / Moombahton. NGOMA SOUND brings the sweetest and toughest jams from africa and beyond: both heavy classic killers and urban tech-bass in an intimate club with good sound, nice & exciting international people. so dont hesitate to show up!


TROPICAL BASS MIX by DJ/producer Tio Chango (LaChusma Records/Berlin)

HighLife Crew, Stockholm



Special Summer Concert

click | go to website
click | go to website



21th June, 17 pm. Nikolaikirche/OPEN AIR Stage, U2-Klosterstr. NuSoul, Jazz and Funk, en francais!


Nominated at the 2009 and 2010 SOBA Awards as Best Soul/R&B Francophone artist and Francophone Revelation of the year, three time performer at Les Francofolies de Montreal, winner of the Rythme FM ''Le plus beau rythme du Québec'' contest,  Rachelle has earned the respect and admiration of her peers, as well as members of the industry, by the greatness of her talent, her charisma and her sensitivity.

Urban Soul with French Spice

Rachelle Jeanty at CHB, Fr. 14th Oct. 2011 presents SOUL, BOSSA and JAZZ in a sweet melange with french spice. Join this special evening in the elegant café at


Recorded at Studios Victor and Mixart, “D’ÂME SOUL” is one of those unique recordings, timeless and true. Accompanied by some of the best musicians, a duet with the one and only George Thurston aka Boule Noire comes to treasure this album.

This Soul legend was so moved by Rachelle’s new version of his hit song “Loin, loin de la ville”, that he recorded his unforgettable voice one last time in a touching and final collaboration.

Black Atlantic Nightliner feat. DJ Zhao & Marcel (Tropicfusion)

supporting DJ Matatu/BLACK ATLANTIC BEATZ. percussion: Marcel (tropicfusion)
supporting DJ Matatu/BLACK ATLANTIC BEATZ. percussion: Marcel (tropicfusion)

Tropical Squeeze! feat. DJ Marcel (Tropicfusion)

Tropical Squeeze! Club Party Special at Betahaus, Prinzessinenstr.19, Sa, 9.4. embrace spring, dance & let loose! DJ marcel (tropicfusion)/DJ diamondog "infectious rhythms" souljazzafrofunkbrazilatinhiphopelectropical
ab 22pm/5,-

Tropical Squeeze! feat DJ Marcel (Tropicfusion)

"Tropical Squeeze" 2010
"Tropical Squeeze" 2010


A good friend, Fabiano Lima, brazilian percussionist & inspired teacher based in Berlin, presents his workshop results "mangue beat". A fusion of funk & rock grooves and traditional rhythms from the northeast of Brazil.

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YAAM, Berlin 2013
YAAM, Berlin 2013
Booking for Live Music Professionals
Booking for Live Music Professionals


Radio Groovalizacion, Dublin
Radio Groovalizacion, Dublin